Athena DeFi


Athena Defi is a new generation yield farm that want to build a strong community and move forward taking into account its users. Listening is one of Athena's priorites as well as positive results.

Why Athena ? Athena was a greek goddess and among the many areas over which she ruled was strategy and wisdom. It is with these key words that we want to make Athena grow.

We want to ensure the long term sustainability to generate profits for everyone.



Token Name : ATH

Address : 0xB1D6948355EBD3b8D4a2057BFAFf398304888Eb6

MasterChef : 0xCda97E5d09F033F65feCBc333832Bedad63f7C6e

Timelock : 0x761035eA20e22723F388C4E8F921C350E5D219Ad

Chain : Binance Smart Chain ( BEP20)

Initial supply : 200 ATH

We plan to establish a token emission rate of 1/Block, that rate will be adjusted to always fit the best for us all.

The fee will be 4% only on non native pairs deposit and no fee on withdraw.

The ownership has been transfered to timelock, the timelock is set at 48hours.

Athena DeFi Contract

Address ATH token : 0xB1D6948355EBD3b8D4a2057BFAFf398304888Eb6

Masterchef : 0xCda97E5d09F033F65feCBc333832Bedad63f7C6e

Timelock : 0x761035eA20e22723F388C4E8F921C350E5D219Ad

The ATH token ownership has been transfered to the masterchef, and then transfered to timelock.

The only owner is Timelock.

The migrator code has been removed, feel free to check on

Advertising & Marketing

We know that to be successful we need to be present and visible to the most, so, one of our first move to carry out our marketing & advertising campaign will be to list us on : DappRadar, Coingecko, CoinmarketCap.

We will also offer you contests with generous rewards and conduct promotional campaign with professionals advertisers.


We will submit to a top audit company.

Waiting for it to be done, you can check yourself our contract with

How to :

1 - Go to

2- Click on "Audit with source code"

3- Copy our Masterchef contract (you'll be redirected on

clic on "contract" and copy the content of "Contract source Code"

4- Back on Click on "Type or Paste" and paste our contract.

5- Click "Analyze" and check the results on the right panel.

The Results look like this :

The next steps

The team is working to implement as soon as possible the layer farming in order to deploy the ZEUS token. More informations will be communicated closer to the launch of the layering.

We're also currently working on the implemenentation of NFT marketplace, more informations soon !


Feel free to contact us for anything you might think useful !


Athena Team.